Recruitment of Kumbh Young Professionals

Recruitment of Kumbh Young Professionals
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Recruitment of Kumbh Young Professionals

Kumbh is one of the world’s largest religious gathering and is held on a rotational basis in either of the four riverside towns of Haridwar, Allahabad, Nasik and Ujjain. The Maha Kumbh is held every 12 years at Prayag (Allahabad), with the Kumbh being organized every 6 years. The last Maha Kumbh took place in 2013 which was attended by an estimated 10 crore people over a two-month period. The next Kumbh is scheduled to be held in Allahabad in 2019. The government of Uttar Pradesh has declared that the Kumbh at Allahabad shall be the most memorable event for pilgrims and has given the vision of ‘Divya Kumbh, Bhavya Kumbh.’

The work for organizing the Kumbh 2019 has already begun and activities like infrastructure augmentation and preparation of Mela Plan have been initiated. Further in order to achieve the Chief Minister’s vision of ‘Divya Kumbh, Bhavya Kumbh,’ the Authority is looking to engage the services of Young Professionals (YPs) for their support in effective planning and execution on contract basis. The key indicative expectations from the YPs shall be as follows:

  1. Provide coordination, management and monitoring support to the Mela Development Authority for effective implementation of the Kumbh Mela
  2. Assist in data collection, management and analysis and feed into the decision support mechanism
  3. Secondary research, concept development and implementation support for various planned initiatives of the Mela
  4. Developing linkages and networking with various stakeholders such as the Government departments, Civil Society Organisations, corporates etc.
  5. Support in putting in place monitoring mechanisms and quality supervision protocols
  6. Monitor, analyze and ensure updation of MIS data and support in developing a decision support mechanism
  7. Provide support in monitoring, management and reporting of funds flow status in the district and develop need-based financial planning for various elements of Kumbh Mela
  8. Provide support for developing a training and capacity building
  9. Create themes and content across different domain areas like hygiene, technology, collaboration, innovation, environment, etc.
  10. Support in IEC activities, social media deployment and various communication channels for creating mass awareness campaigns
  11. Designing and developing structures, layouts, mapping for different infrastructure assets
  12. Support in developing Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for quality control, engineering supervision, etc.
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